Meet our Furry Family

At BaristaCats, we are all about giving rescue cats, especially hard-to-adopt-out cats a second chance at life. We have a particular focus on older cats and special needs cats as we want to show everyone that comes through our doors that while kittens are tons of fun, the older ones with 'quirks' still enjoy playtime and have just as much, if not more, love to give.

Our 13 resident cats were adopted from Franklin Cat Rescue, Paws 4 Life and SPCA Auckland. Most have had a rough start to life but they have all come into their own since moving into our space. We are so pleased we get to provide them with their fur-ever home.

Get to know our colourful bunch below then book in a time to spend time with them in fur-son! 

Orson is our resident Duchess who can often be found snoozing in a hammock. While not the most athletic and active of cats, she can be a whole lot of fun when she is in a playful mood. She also uses her beautiful blue eyes to demand pats and smooches.


Orson came to us from SPCA Auckland after being rescued from a household that was hoarding cats.

Goldie is one of our more playful cats of the group. She is highly energetic and enjoys her playtime so grab a toy and watch her go! She does, however, have a heart murmur so needs to be left to calm down if she starts panting from getting too excited. 

Goldie was rescued by Franklin Cat Rescue who found her outside a bottle shop where she was left abandoned in a box as a wee kitten.

Jean Genie (or Gigi for short) is our sweet little 'tripod' girl who loves to knead anything soft, including your lap! She also loves to chirp especially when she's happy.

Gigi had to have her hind leg amputated due to a serious hip injury while she was in care at SPCA Auckland. She doesn't let this slow her down though!

Lady Mary Clawley was living an outdoor life which was incredibly dangerous being both deaf and white. After being bullied by neighbourhood cats and several close calls with cars, she was surrendered to Paws 4 Life.

Today she is the indisputable 'lady of the manor' at BaristaCats and very much lives up to her name. As she cannot hear, Lady Mary might get a bit of a fright if you sneak up on her but once she knows you’re there, she will demand pats and cuddles. She's also always looking for the closest lap to curl up in.

Woody is our 'happy chappy' tabby who is quite the endearing character. He loves being at the center of the goings on at the café and often can be found up high even though he is a bit uncoordinated so often needs help getting down.


Woody was found by Franklin Cat Rescue dehydrated and malnourished with a large tear to his mouth and fluid flowing from both his ears. It was a long road to recovery and the severe damage to his inner ear has caused slight deafness, a permanent wobble to his head and also a lack of peripheral awareness. These traits just add to his charm, in our opinion!

Mango was living on the streets of Hamilton until she was over a year old before she was rescued by Paws 4 Life.  


Though she has adapted brilliantly to her new life at BaristaCats she is still quite aloof and wary around humans. If you take the time to get to know her, she will let her guard down a bit and if you're really lucky, she might even be in the mood for some playtime!  


Mango has found a soulmate in our handsome lion Banksy. They are forever bonded and totally in love with each other – you will often see them cuddling together in the café. 

Bandit is our long, lanky and charming tuxedo boy. He and his brother Tonks were malnourished, flea-ridden and had severe flu when they were rescued off a family's deck by Franklin Cat Rescue.

Proudly living up to his name, Bandit is a cheeky boy prone to stealing a straw or two so do keep an eye on him if you're having an iced beverage. 



Tonks is our other handsome tuxedo boy. When Franklin Cat Rescue responded to a call from a family who reported a stray cat had given birth to kittens on their deck, Tonks was in such a bad way that he was almost mistaken for dead.

Him and his brother Bandit are very rarely seen apart and are almost always up to some mischief! 

Zuul is our pretty mottled tortie who will often say hello by way of a "silent meow". When she is in play mode though, she lets out a funny, croaky-sounding meow which gets louder and more excited especially when she has “caught” and “killed” one of the cat toys. 


Zuul was an SPCA Auckland cat that was up for adoption in a pet shop. She was incredibly stressed and scared by her surroundings; we took one look at those gorgeous green eyes and knew we had to get her out of there!  

Banksy was picked up by Paws 4 Life as a stray extremely underweight and ravished with fleas. He made a full recovery and was adopted shortly after however 9 months later, Paws 4 Life were alerted that he had been handed in as a stray and he was not in good condition. It transpired that he had got out of an open window in his new home and his owners had not bothered to look for him. When he had been found and the owners contacted, they denied ownership.

Banksy is a survivor in the truest sense of the word and has come a long way since being abandoned. He loves belly rubs so snuggle up to him and give his tummy a good scratch. If he is comfortable with you, he might even hop on to your lap.

Despite his rough start, Banksy has a big heart and won’t hesitate to offer a lick to any cat near him. He is especially close to Mango - the two are nigh on inseparable.

Miss Molly Snugglington and her siblings were discovered by a passerby in a netted bag on the side of a rural walking track on a hot summer day. Franklin Cat Rescue took them in and unfortunately two of the litter did not survive. Molly is an inherent bonder so did not cope well with this loss and became incredibly withdrawn - until Woody arrived. She instantly bonded with him and this is how they both came to be at BaristaCats.  

The most apparent thing about Molly is her cute crossed eyes followed by her very distinct meow. She can be a bit skittish on approach but when she is in the mood she loves to chase teaser toys. Sometimes she might even hold on to the end and take you for a walk around the café! 


Bryan had to have both of his eyes removed when he was around 6 months old due to a very bad case of the cat flu. He is from SPCA Auckland but had been fostered with several different families (including one with a dog!) prior to moving in to BaristaCats. 

Though Bryan cannot see, he is extremely clever and fearless. He can often be found on the highest hammock or perch and you'll be impressed at his ease of getting around the café.


Hamburglar is the quintessential naughty tortie and self-appointed head of the welcoming committee. She is usually the first one to greet guests at the door as they come in.


Hamburglar spent the first 7 months of her life living in a student flat where she was only fed human food. When the students moved out, they left her behind which is how she came to be in the care of Paws 4 Life. To this day she can't help but still crave human food so do keep an eye out for her if you're eating.   

In Loving Memory

Gone but not forgotten, Forever in our hearts

Wednesday was found starving in a gutter by 9 Lives Orphanage and was assessed to be hard of hearing and approximately 15 years old.


She was what is called a co-morbid cat meaning she had several degenerative and permanent health conditions that interplayed and reacted to each other. In particular she had chronic renal failure, hyperthyroidism, arthritis and a heart murmur.


Though she had many health issues and was not the most energetic cat due to her age, she was a feisty wee thing and regularly reminded the younger cats who was boss! She also loved nothing better than getting settled in someone’s lap.


Unfortunately these ailments eventually caught up to her and despite daily medication, subcutaneous fluids and outstanding care from our vet, her body was failing and so we made the difficult decision to help her cross the rainbow bridge.


She far outlived everyone’s expectations so we can only be thankful for the time we had with her and feel privileged we were able to be her forever home.

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